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Six Ways to Sell Your Home for Full Market Value

Six Ways to Sell Your Home for Full Market Value

In today’s challenging real estate market, getting full market value for the sale of your home is a top priority. However, it’s not always easy to do so. But, with the help of an expert realtor you can ensure that you get top dollar for your home in your timeframe.

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Tips on Getting Full Market Value for Your Home

To this end, here are our top negotiating strategies that you can use when you are selling your home for full market value:

  1. Establish a bottom line
  2. Don’t negotiate out of fear
  3. Be prepared to reject an offer
  4. Ask for what you want
  5. Act reasonably
  6. Get every detail in writing

1. Establish a Bottom Line

It’s important to know how low you are willing to go before you start negotiating a sale price. Having a bottom-end number in mind can be a good starting point that you can reference throughout the negotiations to make sure the offer you accept meets your expectations.

How do you set a bottom-line? The easiest and most reliable way is to have a home evaluation done. This lets you know exactly how much your home is worth.

2. Don’t Negotiate Out of Fear

Home sellers should always be prepared to get offers that are below the asking price. 

Some potential homebuyers are looking to negotiate the price while others might not be able to afford the full asking price. Whatever the reason, a low offer shouldn’t be accepted out of fear that you will lose a potential homebuyer. 

The best way to negotiate for full market value of your home is to use an expert realtor who is experienced in getting the full price. 

3. Be Prepared to Reject an Offer

If you have a bottom line in mind and aren’t getting the offer you want and need, be prepared to reject the offer. You should never sacrifice getting full market value for your home.

4. Ask For What You Want

Be confident in the sale number you have set for yourself. Start negotiating at the upper end of your price range and be willing to negotiate only so far. Don’t be afraid to ask for the number you want – your home is worth it!

5. Act Reasonably

While you want to stick to your price range, you should also be reasonable when a fair offer comes your way. Even if the price isn’t ideal, it may still be worth considering. 

6. Get Every Detail in Writing

Once an offer has been made and accepted, you’ll want to get everything in writing to protect yourself in the event that the homebuyer tries to change the terms later on. 

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