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Realtor Analysis: Is Alachua a Buyers or Sellers Market in 2022?

Realtor Analysis: Is Alachua a Buyers or Sellers Market in 2022?

How to decide if you should buy or sell in the current real estate market

When you’re thinking about buying or selling a house, there’s a lot to consider. Sometimes it’s urgent to sell your home if you need to move. Or maybe you simply need more space and decide to upsize. But is Alachua a buyers or sellers market right now? 

This is a key question you should answer before you list or make an offer on a home.

In the last few years, real estate markets across the country have been on fire. Everything was selling, inventory was low, and buyers were everywhere. As of 2022, that’s starting to change. Currently, markets are softening. 

A recent report from the National Association of Realtors showed that pending home sales around the country dropped in the last few months. But what does that mean for you?

What’s a buyers market versus a sellers market?

To help you understand your real real estate options, here’s the difference between a buyers and sellers market.

Buyers Market

A buyers market is when conditions move in favor of buyers. This can mean a lot of things, but a huge indicator is supply. When the supply for homes is greater than demand, it’s a buyers market.

Sellers Market

On the other hand, a sellers market shows conditions that favor sellers. This often means low supply and high demand. When sellers have many offers, they’re in the advantage for negotiations.

Before you make any real estate transactions, you want to know if you’ll be at an advantage. So, is Alachua a buyers or sellers market?

Is Alachua a buyers or sellers market?

Like much of the country, supply in Alachua will be impacted by the national trend. Inversely the Gainesville area in which Alachua is located has benefited from a robust market. Another factor determining demand predicates on the fact that the whole economy is currently quite volatile. Accordingly, market conditions have changed quickly in just the last few months.

Part of the national shift from a sellers market to a buyers market is the specter of rising interest rates. Rate hikes from the Fed have pushed mortgage rates as high as 7.00%. These changes in the larger economy are making it more difficult for buyers to afford a home. Even in a market as hot as Florida, national trends will have an impact.

So, even though supply is up, there are also fewer buyers in the market. For this reason, you may get different answers about whether Alachua, Florida is a buyers market or sellers market in 2022. shows the market is a buyers market. Rocket Mortgage shows the market is a sellers market. So with such varying opinions, what do you do?

One strategy is to follow the overall national trend. The economy as a whole is facing dicey conditions. Things like an unstable shifting economy and rising interest rates can further swing this market heavily towards buyers. This is not beyond the realm of possibility as rising interest rates tend to push buyers away and trigger a decrease in demand. 

Buying or selling a house in Alachua 

If you want to buy or sell a house in Alachua, sooner is always better than later if you don’t know what the market will do. Timing the market is something people hope to do, but unless you have a crystal ball, now may be better than ever.

Plus, if you’re looking for exclusive, off-market deals you won’t find on the MLS, you have options.

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