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Living in Gainesville, FL

Living in Gainesville, FL

When you decide to live in a bigger city in Florida, you will always find something fun and exciting to do. That is what it is like living in Gainesville, Florida. Because it is a larger metropolitan area, you will never be lacking when it comes to adventures, history, and great food.

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Fast Facts About Gainesville 

To help get you acquainted with the area in which you are planning to live, here are some fast facts about Gainesville, FL:

Population (2020): 141,085

Distance from: 

  • Ocala, FL: 38.3 miles (45 minutes)
  • Jacksonville, FL: 71.5 (1 hr. 15 minutes)
  • Orlando, FL: 112 miles (1 hr. 48 minutes)

Nearest airport:

Median income (2020): 

  • Individual: $23,018 
  • Household: $37,264

County: Alachua

Type of location: metropolitan, big city

Why is Gainesville a Nice Place to Live?

As the largest city in North Central Florida and the county seat of Alachua County, Gainesville, FL, has a variety of great opportunities for adventure, exploration, and cultural activities. It is the home of the University of Florida (the fourth-largest public university campus by enrollment in the U.S.), and there is plenty of history to absorb throughout its many historical buildings, museums, and other attractions. 

One of the things that makes living in Gainesville such a great option for residents is the consistent temperatures throughout the year. It is defined as humid subtropical and is listed as a USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. Residents can rely on the mild temperatures throughout the day, and the tree canopy in the city is dense and rich with many species. In fact, Gainesville has been recognized as Tree City, USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation each year since 1982!

What is Gainesville Known For?

When you visit or are living in Gainesville, you will always have something to do in and around the city. Some of the most popular attractions include:

This is just a small sample of all of the great attractions that you can discover while living in Gainesville, Florida. 

What Are the Best Restaurants in Gainesville?

Since Gainesville, FL, is the largest city in North Central Florida, you will find a wide variety of restaurants and eateries. Some of the most well-rated of these restaurants are:

  • Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille – New Orleans-inspired food in a hip atmosphere
  • The Top – Modern American fare
  • Amerlia’s Italian Restaurant – homemade pasta and other Italian dishes
  • Mojo Hogtown BBQ – bbq dishes
  • Public & General Restaurant – sandwiches and salads in a vintage chic pub setting

With so many great places to explore and wonderful eateries to satisfy any craving, it is no wonder that so many people enjoy living in Gainesville.

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