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How Do You Show Proof of Funds for a Cash Offer?

How Do You Show Proof of Funds for a Cash Offer?

When you receive a cash offer on your home, requiring proof of funds from the buyer is a smart way to verify if it’s a legitimate offer. As a seller, you want confidence that the buyer has the financial means to pay the offered price in cash at closing. Asking for proof of funds documentation is standard practice to avoid potential scams or cash offers falling through. Here’s what home sellers need to know about valid proof of funds and signs of possible fraudulent activity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Require recent bank statements or other documentation proving available cash funds
  • Watch for red flags like missing bank details, alterations, or inconsistencies 
  • Independently verify documentation and follow up directly with buyer’s lender or bank

Valid Proof of Funds Documents

Most cash buyers will provide a recent bank statement showing available funds at least equal to the offered purchase price. Require a statement dated within the past 30-60 days to ensure funds haven’t already been spent or committed elsewhere. Common valid proof of funds documents include:

  • Bank statements demonstrating cash balances & transaction history
  • Brokerage account statements if drawing from investments
  • Proof of a recent home sale with net proceeds documented
  • Loan pre-approval letter from a reputable lender

Watch for Proof of Funds Red Flags

While valid proof of funds can come in different forms, be wary of documents that seem fraudulent or cannot be verified. Some red flags include:

  • Bank statements lacking official bank identifiers and contact info
  • Documentation appearing altered or digitally manipulated
  • Inability to provide recent or multiple account statements  

Tips to Avoid Proof of Funds for a Cash Offer Scam

Follow these tips when requiring and reviewing proof of funds to help avoid cash for your house scams:

  1. Speak directly to buyer’s lender if a loan is involved
  2. Independently verify account balances directly with the bank  
  3. Require dated statements within the past 30-60 days
  4. Check for inconsistencies and alterations in documents

By taking reasonable precautions to confirm authenticity, cash buyers should have no issues providing legitimate proof of funds documentation. Transparent communication is also key throughout the offer and due diligence process.

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How Do You Show Proof of Funds for a Cash Offer?
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