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Buy a New Construction Home in Alachua, FL, With a Realtor

Buy a New Construction Home in Alachua, FL, With a Realtor

Using a Realtor For a New Construction Home in Alachua is Essential

Looking for a new construction home in Alachua, Florida? Many home buyers make the mistake of thinking they don’t need a realtor for a brand-new home because they’re not dealing with a home seller.

However, buying a property from a home builder comes with its own unique considerations. Without a real estate professional, navigating the buying process with a builder can be complicated.

In this post, our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Coldwell Real Estate Services will discuss five benefits of hiring a realtor to help you buy a newly constructed home. That way, you can ensure you walk away with the best possible deal on your dream home in Alachua, Florida.

1. Realtors Protect Your Interests

When buying a new construction home in Alachua, Florida, a realtor can be a valuable asset because they advocate for your interests. 

Some home buyers think that buying a newly constructed home means they’re dealing directly with the building company. Instead, similar to a resale transaction, the builder will actually have their own realtor. 

So if you don’t have a realtor to protect your interests, you risk missing out on the best deal. For example, builders typically have model homes that buyers can tour, which are filled with the nicest upgrades, appliances, and other desirable features. 

However, buyers find out later that these features are add-ons that come at an extra cost. Having a realtor on your side means you have someone with the expertise and knowledge needed to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get what you asked for.

They can also provide insight into market trends, help you identify potential issues with the property, and navigate the home-buying process.

Your realtor will serve as your advocate, working to ensure your needs and preferences are met so that you end up with your dream home.

2. Realtors Know The Best Building Companies 

A realtor can also help you find the best building companies to buy from in the first place. An experienced realtor who specializes in new home construction will likely already have relationships with the most reputable builders in Alachua.

All you have to do is tell them what neighborhoods you’re interested in, and they can use their knowledge of the local real estate market to help you find the top builders with a track record of high-quality construction.

They can also help you research builders, check their references, and ensure they offer warranties or other ongoing support after the sale closes. 

With a realtor by your side, you can be confident that you are making an informed decision and choosing a builder who will deliver a high-quality home that meets your needs and budget. 

3. Realtors Have Expert Negotiation Skills

While the sale price of a new construction home is usually non-negotiable, other costs like add-ons, upgrades, and closing fees might be.

If you want the best chance of negotiating a better deal and avoiding conflict and disputes while doing so, then a realtor will be key.

An experienced realtor has likely already handled hundreds of negotiations throughout their career, and they know what to say to builders to get them to budge on the cost of add-ons. 

In fact, a builder may be more willing to lower costs if they respect the realtor and value the business they bring in. It may be worth it to them to negotiate if it means your realtor will bring a steady stream of clients.

In addition, realtors can help you understand the dense legal language that typically comes with real estate contracts and paperwork. They’ll ensure that both sides fulfill their obligations, and handle any disputes that may arise during the process.

For example, if you disagree with a certain term in the contract, you can tell your realtor rather than the builder directly. This minimizes the chance of conflict since the realtor acts as an objective third party.

Lastly, realtors also verify that the transaction runs smoothly and transparently, and they’ll make sure everything is recorded in writing from start to finish.

4. Realtors Can Help You Schedule a Home Inspector

Home buyers buying a brand new home might think a home inspection is unnecessary since the house has just been built. However, an inspection is just as important for a new property as a resale one.

Even new homes can have defects or structural problems that were accidentally overlooked during the construction phase. Without an inspection, you may not discover these issues until it’s too late. By that time, maintenance can be costly.

Your realtor can help you find an inspector and schedule them to look at your home. And if the inspector does encounter any issues, your realtor can negotiate the cost of repairs with the builder and get you a better deal.

5. Realtor Fees Are Covered By Home Builders

Just like with a resale home, you won’t have to pay anything for your realtor’s services. Instead, the cost falls on the home seller– or in this case, the builder.

This is a huge benefit of working with a realtor to purchase a new construction home in Alachua, Florida. You get access to all of their expertise and industry connections without worrying about the commission fee.

For home builders, the cost of the buyer’s agent is a necessary expense for bringing in new business. In fact, they often factor the commission fee into their budgets.

We Can Help You Buy a New Construction Home in Alachua, FL

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