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New year, new home! Like anything else, home décor evolves year after year, which is largely influenced by the world around us. So, what will 2021 interior design look like? If you think about it, people have spent a LOT more time in their homes than years prior, and that will likely continue this year. The experts are saying that interior designs in 2021 are going to be inspired by this notion of being at home and needing an additional level of comfort and functionality. 

For example, you can expect to see those formal living and dining rooms turn from elegant picture-perfect rooms to cozy spaces that embrace layers of inviting comfort. Think overstuffed furniture, soft curves, and traditional styles that provide a familiar cushion during these unprecedented times. On that same note, color tones seem to be turning to the bold side, with inspiration being drawn from the outdoors. Since people are feeling such a disconnect from the outside, bringing nature indoors brings that missing vitality back into your home! 

Speaking of comfort, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of grandma’s house—stepping inside is like getting a hug from fluffy carpets and floral wallpaper. Perhaps that’s why “grandmillennal” style is about to take off in full-force. This unique style mixes contemporary fashion with all the things you love about grandma’s house by pulling from classic design styles and leaning into antiques, busy patterns, and preppy elements such as ruffles. Plus, designing your home this way is eco-friendly and cheap! During these times of uncertainty and financial despair, this interior design trend is surely to make a huge comeback. 

If we had to sum up the forthcoming 2021 interior design trends into one word, we’d describe them as “warm.” Comfortable furniture, natural wood pieces, bold colors, and remnants of nature are things you can expect to see in the upcoming months. If you’re looking to spruce up your home on a budget, this year’s trends couldn’t be better! Head to your local antique store or thrift shop and snag some timeless centerpieces to create a new and beautiful space, and feel good about shopping sustainably and staying ahead of the trends!

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